CBC VIP Membership Discount Card

The Carolina Breweries Club VIP Membership Discount Card is now in circulation! To be eligible, you must be age 21+, reside in either North or South Carolina, and be a member of the club on Facebook Groups.

The VIP card is OPTIONAL for Carolina Breweries Club members. The VIP card simply allows one to receive valuable discounts from any of our growing list of Business Partners across the Carolinas. If you could care less about receiving discounts, then you do not need to purchase a VIP card.

Each VIP discount card is a one-time fee of $12. The VIP card can only be purchased on the Carolina Breweries Club Facebook Group page at the Featured Tab on the group page. The VIP card will be mailed to you via postage-paid USPS, with standard 1st-class delivery.

Please contact Carolina Breweries Club for more information on how to obtain the VIP Membership Discount Card.