CBC Code of Conduct

CBC Code of Conduct

Carolina Breweries Club, commonly referred to as CBC, is a social club where diversity and inclusion are expected. This means, as club members, we are committed to providing a welcoming and safe experience for everyone, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, or religion. Harassment, of any kind, will not be tolerated. In addition, when intentionally identifying yourself as a Carolina Breweries Club member, at any establishment, the expectation is that the establishment’s respective Code of Conduct be followed.

Below are some behaviors that will not be tolerated:

  • Belittling, or subtle expressions of bias.
  • Verbal, physical, or written abuse, assault, or violence.
  • Bullying, intimidation, or victimization.
  • Discrimination.
  • Inappropriate use of CBC property or assets.
  • Failure to comply with CBC values.
  • Illegal activity.
  • Harassment, including, but not limited to:
    • Offensive or unwelcome comments related to gender, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, disability, mental illness, neuro(a)typicality, physical appearance, body size, age, race, religion, or lifestyle choices.
    • Deliberate misgendering, refusal to respect an individual’s pronouns, or use of “dead” or rejected names.
    • Unwelcome sexual attention or unconsented physical contact and simulated physical contact.
    • Stalking or following.
    • Deliberate “outing” of any aspect of a person’s identity without their consent, except as necessary to protect vulnerable people from intentional abuse.

Consequences for Violating the Code of Conduct
Carolina Breweries Club founders reserve the right to ask members to remove themselves from the club or to cease an existing Club-member relationship if this code of conduct is violated. Removed members must surrender their membership card to the CBC.

Members: By obtaining a member card, you are agreeing, and adhering, to the Code of Conduct criterion for membership.

To report unacceptable behavior of a CBC member, please contact the Carolina Breweries Club.