CBC Mission


Carolina Breweries Club (CBC) is a veteran-owned, social club for Carolina residents, over age 21, that began in May 2022. Our mission is simple: We want to build a social network of friends across the Carolinas that like to drink fantastic Carolina-made products and to promote the alcohol industry of the Carolinas.

Carolina Breweries Club is Trademarked and Service Marked. Through this entrepreneurship, we use social media platforms and personal interaction, by traveling across the Carolinas to find new businesses with which to partner our club and to meet new people who share our ideas. 

Fast forward nine months, and we already have over 875 members, over 140 VIP discount card-holding members, and over 60 business partners that come from all across both NC & SC. Check out our other links to learn more about our Business Partners and the VIP Membership Discount Card.

Carolina Breweries Club is always looking to expand. With my previous experience as a band manager and talent booking agent, I've taken on the role of being the booking agent for Jake HaldenVang, and I cross-promote all of his events with the Carolina Breweries Club. Click HERE for more details on Jake. 

Also, I created an e-Commerce store to sell club merchandise to help fund our mission. My wife is Greek and that is why you'll see the "Evil Eye" in our product line. The evil eye (or Mati) is a talisman that is designed to ward off evil. In Greece, the Mati pendant actually dates all the way back to the 6th Century B.C in ancient times. So, protect yourself while supporting the mission - there's nothing better!

Carolina Breweries Club is all about fun, and the club is FREE to join. Check us out on Facebook Groups. 

Rob Nolette, CEO/Owner & Talent Booking Agent
Kay Nolette, Events Coordinator & Consultant