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What about us? I’m a USAF veteran from a border town in Northeastern-most NY and my wife is from Montreal, Canada. We moved to the Charlotte metro area in 2017 for work and eventually settled in Fort Mill, SC in 2020. We love it here!


Covid made it difficult to meet people, and working remotely didn’t help. We like brewery hopping on weekends and trying new spots. You could also call us foodies. It’s way more fun to visit places with friends and to learn about new places from them; however, social distancing put a damper on most of those plans.

We noticed businesses were taking a beating. We like the idea of supporting local. With so many fantastic breweries around the area, we thought they could use some assistance with foot traffic. I decided to create a social club based around craft beer.

In May 2022, Carolina Breweries Club was born. It was established to meet people and to support local breweries. We have since met some incredible people through the club, both members and business owners alike, who have become good friends. I was asked to expand the club to include wine and spirits which I did. The Carolina Breweries Club is now known as a social drinker’s club. We are made up of enthusiasts of Carolina-made Craft Beer, Wine, and Spirits and exclusively promote these products.


If you see my wife and I out there, come say hello. We’re always looking to make new friends, get new club members, and find new business partners. We think we’re pretty fun to hang out with, too! 

If you have any questions, just contact me.



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